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Welcome to the Karate Dojo Hagakure Linz, Austria (part of the ASKÖ Linz Mitte club)!

Guests are welcome at any time!

As a member of the SKIAF (Shotokan Karatedo International Austrian Federation) we provide authentic Japanese karate. Our training times are on Tuesday and Thursday from 20:00-21:30.

The four main elements of our training consist of basics, kata (forms), kumite (sparring) and bunkai (kata application). While the physical component aims to train the whole body, we also put emphasis on the mental development of our students. Our club has several different training formats to offer, which cover a wide range of age groups (6 – 75 years of age). Our kids (6-11 years) learn to use their body and work on their coordinative skills and flexibility. If watching the children excites the parents’ curiosity, they have the chance to join a special parents-kids-training instead of just waiting for them to finish. The rest of us (adults and youngsters) may train karate for self-defence reasons, to stay physically fit or for more inner balance (amongst many other reasons). For the highly motivated students there is the chance for additional trainings in cooperation with the national federation.

To educate ourselves further we regularly attend seminars with Japanese instructors.

Building friendships in a relaxed atmosphere and an active social life within the club is a key element for contented students, hence we enojoy sitting together at our club bar and having a chat after training or organise different events such as cinema nights or Christmas celebrations. Together with various other sections of the ASKÖ Linz Mitte Club we also actively support the Linz Marathon with our workforce every year.
You can find us on facebook here: Shotokan Karate Linz-Hagakure.

In case there are any questions left, feel free to contact one of our trainers Maximilian Steffelbauer. For the training times click here.


Attention! We are allows to hold trainings indoor again. The frist training starts on 27th of May 2021. The "3G" rule has to be obayed. Hence, people have to be vaccinated, tested or recovered from Corona. Additionally, the other measures apply as before. The Europaschule gym is closed unfortunately in this semester! Instead we practise Karate in the Körnerschule this semester.